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Tablet Dissolution Data Management Software


The IDIS EE Tablet Dissolution Data Management Software, for tablet and capsule dissolution testing, has been developed as an open system to cope with the diverse range of analytical techniques required for USP methods I , II, III and IV for Dissolution testing.

This software package allows connections to virtually all dissolution Baths, Spectrophotometers, Pumps, Valves and popular Autosamplers to provide an open system for Control, Data Acquisition, Calculations and Reporting. The software provides extended security and management features to comply with 21 CFR Part 11.

Versatile User methodology is achieved using Solution Path Technology© which allow users to configure virtual dissolution tests using instrument connectivity that mimic real life physical connections. Systems for Closed Loop, Open Loop Valve, Fraction Collection and Autosampler processing of samples including dilution and pH and Media change can be readily configured.

The IDIS EE dissolution testing platform features a relational database allowing group application testing and centralised administered access rights security. Other database functionality allows method and data records to be found using powerful SQL querying and Centralised Network Solutions.

The IDIS EE software provides a generic interface to most dissolution hardware, which allows instruments form different manufacturers to be integrated into automated dissolution systems.

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