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223 – Sample Changer

Sample Changer


Programmable sampler for automated sample preparation and transfer. The 223 Sample Changer is the perfect solution for protocols such as serial dilutions, addition of samples, sampling into vials, timed reactions and tube-to-tube transfers.

The 223 sample changer is a low cost, small footprint, programmable liquid handler for automated sample preparation and sample transfer. As well as general liquid handling, suitable applications include serial dilutions, addition of reagents, sampling into vials, timed reactions, and tube-to-tube transfers.

The 223 bed accepts up to four racks, which can be configured from over 25 standard and custom racks providing access to a large variety of tubes and microplates.

Technical info

Ideal for automated transfer of samples in analytical techniques like FIA and spectroscopy (UV/Vis, AA, ICP).
Level-sensing and user-selectable rinsing parameters help eliminate sample contamination due to carryover.
Operate with the Minipuls 3 Pump or the 402 Syringe Pump.
Accommodates a maximum of 432 vials (7 x 40 mm or 10 x 75 mm).
Choose from a wide variety of probe designs and standard and custom racks.
Optional flow-through rinse station available.
New spring-loaded probe is ideal for low- and sub-microlitre liquid handling applications including MALDI plate preparation.

Teknisk information:

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