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321/322 – Dual Piston Pumps


Dual-piston pumps for semi-preparative and preparative chromatography. Feature a variable-volume, dynamic mixer for optimized gradient performance.


321 and 322 – Unique High Performance Features

Multi-solvent pumps designed for use in analytical and semi-preparative chromatography. Pump heads are easily accessible, simple to maintain and the pumps are stackable to conserve bench space. The 321 functions as a master pump with a control panel and the 322 is remotely controlled via 321 or UniPoint system software. Two flowrate ranges are available, H1 is ideal for 2-12 mm I.D columns at up to 15 ml/min and 600 bar, H2 for 3-20 mm I.D. columns 30 ml/min and 300 bar.

Dynamic mixer: 
0.20-2.20 ml adjustable mixing volume,
pressure-independent response time

The high-pressure Adjustable Volume Dynamic Mixer (AVDM™) enables fast gradient response and homogeneous mixtures. Solvent mixing performance can be continuosly optimized according to need. GLP functions such as Audit trail, maintenance logs and automated test procedures are also available.

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