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331/332 – Dual-piston pumps


Dual-piston pumps for semi-preparative and preparative chromatography. Feature a variable-volume, dynamic mixer for optimized gradient performance.


Easy scaleup from analytical to preparative

Dual-piston pumps for easy linear transposition from analytical to preparative HPLC methods on 4 to 20 mm I.D. columns packed with high-efficiency stationary phases. The 331 master pump can control the 332 in gradient systems, solvent selection, sample-injection pump, UV/VIS detector, and electrical input/outputs with any other associated equipment.

  • Keypad control: safety files (pressure limits, emergency signal and power failure); anomaly processing procedures with related outcomes; GLP functions: solvent consumption, diagnostic helps, maintenance logs, leak test, piston seal installation, mixing test and audit trail
  • TRILUTION® Software provides control within a complete prep workstation; includes data processing and results reporting

The repeatability for gradient is < 0,7% over the entire flowrate range 0,5 to 50 ml/min and 600 bar pressure. The Adjustable Volume Dynamic Mixer (AVDM™) 260-2260 µl makes it easy to switch from analytical to preparative applications while maintaining a fast gradient response and homogeneous mixing.

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