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333/334 – Dual-piston pumps for preparative HPLC


Dual-piston pumps for preparative HPLC


Dual-piston pumps for preparative HPLC offering flow rates up to 200ml/min at pressures up to 210bar. These pumps offer fast separation with high-efficiency columns in normal-phase and reversed-phase modes, with sample mass throughputs of 0,15 -15 g per injection with 20 – 100 mm bore columns.

The 333 master pump has an integrated pressure, purge and mixing module (PPMM) and can also be fitted with a 4-solvent selection valve. 333 pumps control the 334 slave unit in high pressure gradient systems or as sample-injection pumps. PC control is available via TRILUTION™ LC System Software

Your delivery solution for preparative chromatography!

Capable of fast separations with high-efficiency columns in normal and reverse-phase modes. Choose the 333 Master Pump for isocratic applications or a 333/334 combination for binary gradient applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Milligram-to-gram level sample mass throughput per injection; up to 15 g depending on column size and loading capacity
  • Composition gradient with high-pressure mixing: 333-334 binary system (third pump for ternary). Solvent selection on each pump with addition of four-solvent valve (up to eight solvents)
  • Ability to operate additional pumps in parallel to double the flow rate up to 400 mL/min
  • Control from 333 master pump: flow-rate gradient, four-solvent selection and step gradient (additional valve), composition gradient (one or two additional pumps), sample-injection pump, UV/VIS detector and electrical input/output contacts with any other associated equipment
  • Quiet operation, durable design
  • Control 33X Pumps and an entire preparative HPLC system via TRILUTION® LC Software
  • Stackable to conserve bench space

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