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In analytical HPLC, packings with particle sizes of 3 to 10 µm are preferred. For preparative separation tasks, also particles with diameters larger than 10 µm are applied. The high standard of quality, the broad range of available packing materials, and ready-to-use columns, combined with efficient instrumentation, allow
-short analysis times
-optimum selectivity
-high sensitivity of detection
These parameters can be optimised by variation of particle size and pore structure modification of the packing column dimension,eluent and chromatographic conditions

Macherey-Nagel offer a versatile program of HPLC packings, briefly summarised in the following groups

  • silica, spherical particles totally porous available under the trade names NUCLEOSIL® and NUCLEODUR®
  • silica, irregular particles totally porous available under the trade names POLYGOSIL® and POLYGOPREP


All silica packing materials are available as unmodified silica, as well as with chemically bonded phases with different organic groups and thus specific selective behaviour. At this point it should be mentioned, that in practice most separation problems can be solved using only a few stationary phases, if the different selectivities of eluents are taken into account.

The actual particle size of the packing plays an important role for the efficiency of a column. In general, higher efficiencies are achieved with smaller particles. Depending on the separation problem, however, somewhat larger particles (e. g. 7 µm instead of 5 µm) can still give good efficiency with shorter analysis times and longer column life.


Consistent use of very narrow particle size distributions is another means of optimising separations. MN supply packings with very narrow particle size distribution for optimum analytical performance. Furthermore, the permeability and the pressure required for a given eluent velocity depend strongly on the particle size and distribution.



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