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Centry 101 Plate Centrifuge

7.770 kr


The CENTRY™ 101 Plate Centrifuge with its proprietary swing-out rotor design prevents microplate contents from spilling, increasing the reliability of your microplate reactions. The centrifuge accepts popular PCR plates and most microplates.

Decreased spill risk

The CENTRY 101 Plate Centrifuge offers a patented swing-out rotor design that keeps the microplate contents from spilling out while concentrating all reaction components in the well bottom, improving the accuracy of your reactions, such as sensitive PCR reactions. The rotor carriers rest at a 75° angle, allowing you to insert plates without sealing tape or caps. At speed, the microplates run horizontally. The two-plate capacity CENTRY 101 Plate Centrifuge accommodates most PCR and microplates.

Small, but fast

Samples are spun down in less than 20 seconds at 2,550 rpm (600 x g). The centrifuge automatically stops when the lid is open and smoothly decelerates to a stop in four seconds. With a small footprint (23 x 26 cm, 9.2 x 10.2 in.), the CENTRY 101 Plate Centrifuge easily fits into hoods and on crowded benchtops.


SKU 36117410
DIMENSIONS 23x26x19.7 cm / 9.2×10.2×7.75 in.
SPEED 2,550rpm / 600 x g

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