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Transmitted light microscope OBS-1
The school microscope – For the first steps in microscopy and for use in biology lessons
Transmitted light microscope OBE-1
The fully equipped all-round compound microscope for schools, training and laboratories
Transmitted light microscope OBF-1
The high-performance compound microscope for every laboratory with fixed, pre-centred Koehler illumination
Transmitted light microscope OBL-12/OBL-13
The flexible laboratory assistant with infinity optical system and fixed, pre-centred Koehler illumination
Phase contrast microscope OBL-14/OBL-15
High-quality phase contrast microscope – specially pre-configured with a range of options for flexible expansion
Transmitted light microscope OBD-1
The digital all-round talent for your applications, documentation and live transmissions through an integrated camera
Transmitted light microscope OBN-13
Professionalism and versatility united in one microscope – with Köhler illumination for demanding applications
Phase contrast microscope OBN-15
The powerful, fully-equipped phase contrast microscope with varied options
Transmitted light microscope OBN-14
The fluorescent product for the professional user
Inverse microscope OCM-1
The inverted biological laboratory microscope – also with fluorescence
Inverse microscope OCO-2
The professional inverse product for experienced users in the laboratory

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See product broschure for more info about all KERN Stereo Microscope

Compound Microscopes

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