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Cool-It™ Insulated Bowls

The safe and efficient way of cooling and stirring round bottom flasks to -78˚C


Cool-It – the unbreakable dewar

Cool-It replaces fragile glass dewars, unstable plastic bowls and keeps your chemistry colder for longer. The compact and virtually unbreakable Cool-It insulated bowls are designed to fit onto a standard stirring hotplate to cool and stir round bottom flasks, beakers or test tubes etc.

Cool-It keeps it cooler for longer

  • Cool-It will keep your sample below -70°C for up to 5 times longer than a plastic bowl.
  • Cool-It will keep your reactions below -70°C for twice as long as a glass dewar.

Large and small bowl options

  • Small Cool-It bowl for flasks up to 400ml
  • Large Cool-It bowl for flasks up to 2 Litres.


Cool-It bowls are manufactured from a robust, chemically-resistant HDPE casing encapsulating a high quality insulated foam core. The combination of tough composite materials provides excellent insulation and (unlike fragile glass dewars) is virtually unbreakable.

Easy pour spout and handle

Cool-It’s unique non-drip spout and ergonomically designed handle makes the disposal of solvents much safer and easier; avoiding accidental spillages and creating a safer working environment.

Optional lid increases cooling time by 20%

The two piece lid will help to keep your reaction cool for up to 20% longer, minimising condensation and ice formation on your flask (maintaining visibility of the contents) and prevents spitting from the cooling mixture.

Protects your stirrer and minimises spills

Cool-It minimises frost on the outer surfaces, protecting your stirrer from moisture ingress. It is also designed to fit securely onto the top plate minimising accidental spills.

Cool-It fits on to all popular brands of stirring hotplate

Fit on all leading hotplate brands with a 145mm Ø top plate; optional adapter plate for 135mm Ø top plates.

Cool-It Bowls

RR71011   Cool-It Small Bowl + Free Lid
RR71021   Cool-It Large Bowl + Free Lid Click here to see the Cool-It easy to order Systems

Adapter Plates

RR61085   Adapter for 135mm Ø Hotplates (IKA etc)
RR61087   Adapter Plate for Square Hotplates


RR99905   Digital Thermometer (-250C to +400C) and 200mm Probe
RR99906   Digital Thermometer (-250C to +400C)
RR99907   200mm Temperature Probe
RR99908   Dry Ice Scoop
RR99909   Cold Temperature Apron 1060mm long, Waterproof
RR99910   Protective Face Shield
RR98024   Protective Cold Temperature Gloves (pair)
RR71120   Support Rod Hotplate Adapter
RR71127   Support Rod 500 x 13mm
RR71110   Retort Clamp to 85mm
RR71115   Boss Head 16mm 


PTFE Magnetic Stirring Bars

RR98075   Cross Shape Stirring Bar 10mm (for 5 to 10ml), pk 40
RR98091   Cross Shape Stirring Bar 16.5mm RE (for 25 to 50ml), pk 20
RR99064   Elliptical Stirring Bar 25mm RE (for 100 to 400ml), pk 10
RR95920   Oval Stirring Bar 40mm (for 500 to 1000ml), pk 5
RR95921   Oval Stirring Bar 50mm (for 2000ml), pk 5
RR71200   Stirring Bar Evaluation Kit – for flasks, pk 10
(Contains 2 of each of the above stirrer bars) 

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