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Distritips – for Distriman pipette

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DISTRITIPS® are polypropylene syringes with easy-to-read level indicators that are used with DISTRIMAN®, a positive-displacement, continuously adjustable, mechanical repeater pipette.

Accurate and Precise

Using DISTRITIPS with DISTRIMAN delivers reliable performance and provides more accurate and precise measurements for difficult-to-pipette samples such as viscous, dense, volatile, hazardous, or hot or cold liquids.

Free of Detectable Contaminants

DISTRITIPS are made of pure polypropylene and are free of dyes so there is no risk of chemical contamination from the tips. Individually wrapped, sterilized DISTRITIPS are gamma-irradiated and are certified free of detectable DNA, RNA, DNases, RNases, and proteases.


Only three DISTRITIPS cover a large range of aliquot volumes from 1 µL to 1.25 mL. More than 100 aliquots can be dispensed with each syringe, eliminating time-consuming refills.

Additional Information

Micro 125µl, Mini 1250µl, Maxi 12,5ml, Micro ST 125µl (sterile), Mini ST 1250µl (sterile), Maxi ST 12,5 ml

Teknisk information:

Distritip aliquot range Ordering reference Qant/box Sterilized (Y/N)
Micro125 µL 1 - 12.5 F164100 50 No
Mini1250 µL 10 - 125 F164110 50 No
Maxi12.5 mL 100 - 1250 F164120 50 No
Micro ST125 µL 1 - 12.5 F164130 50 Yes
Mini ST1250 µL 10 - 125 F164140 50 Yes
Maxi ST12.5 mL 100 - 1250 F164150 50 Yes


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