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GX-271 LH – Single probe Liquid Handler

Single probe Liquid Handler


The GX-271 is quite possibly the most perfect matched instrument in terms of capacity versus bench space on the market today. The GX-271 features a large-bed capacity for different type of vessels (tubes, vials, microplates, bottles) while consuming only 23″ of linear bench space. The Z-arm can accommodate vessels over 200 mm in height. The new rinse station system incorporates a flowing jet wash and can accommodate up to two different solvents for less carry-over.

The GX-271 features a revolutionary new solvent delivery system: there are no syringes to replace or change to accommodate various volumes and flow rates. The Solvent Delivery System features an innovative technology that allows for a large dynamic range of flow rates and volumes. Two models are available: The GX Analytical Solvent System for nanoliter to µL volumes and the GX Preparative Solvent System for µl to 100’s of ml’s.

Working as an autoinjector/fraction collector for HPLC the GX-271 injection modules feature a continuous flow path designed (less pressure spikes) for flow rates up to 200 ml/min.The GX-271 can accommodate large injection volumes up to 25 ml with minimal sample waste and carryover. An optional 200 ml/min fraction collection valve is located on the base of the Z-drive, separate flow path for injection and collection.

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