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Hei-TORQUE Overhead Stirrers

The powerful Hei-TORQUE stirrers accomplish the most demanding tasks while providing the highest safety in combination with a unique user interface.


Hei-TORQUE Overhead Stirrers

The powerful Hei-TORQUE series can accomplish the most demanding mixing tasks whilst providing the highest safety and increased operating lifetime.

New Hei-TORQUE Core – the lightweight for big tasks!

The compact design of the new Hei-TORQUE Core allows its use in closed systems such as fume hoods, reactors and production systems. With a net weight of 2.3 kg it is lightweight yet powerful enough to handle a variety of basic stirring applications with a maximum performance of 40 Ncm torque. The new Core model complements the Hei-Torque range of laboratory overhead stirrer series; providing an easy to use, entry level unit which has the same robustness and reliability from Heidolph.

Key Features

  • Unique Quick-Chuck for tool-free and convenient ‘one-hand’ impeller changes, without tools
  • Powerful stirring, adjustable over a large scale from 10-2,000 rpm with maximum power at minimum noise level – below 50 db
  • Sealed housing, which complies with the high protection class IP 54, guarantees longevity and maintenance-free 24-hour operation even in aggressive environments
  • Intuitive touch-panel for easy operation
  • The sealed panel made of glass increases the tightness of the entire housing of the unit, preventing corrosion
  • Torque information display (up to 400 Ncm) ensures reproducible results
  • Safe start and stop via a slide touch panel to avoid unintended stirring start-up
  • An over-temperature sensor prevents heat-up situations, particularly valuable in unattended continuous operation
  • Value models have a simple, easy to read display which shows the set and actual rpm along with a torque indicator
  • Increased safety with individual performance control on the Precision models: Set the intensity of the starting operation, the maximum rotational speed, and the maximum torque limit according to your application
  • USB and standard RS232 interface on the Precision models allow for software control and process logging
  • Reduce process times with VISCO JET® impellers for mixing gels and other challenging media with ease


501-11000-00 Overhead Stirrer RZR 1 with Chuck 8.5
501-60410-00 Hei-TORQUE Core
501-61010-00 Hei-TORQUE 100 Value
501-61020-00 Hei-TORQUE 100 Precision
501-62010-00 Hei-TORQUE 200 Value
501-62020-00 Hei-TORQUE 200 Precision
501-64010-00 Hei-TORQUE 400 Value
501-64020-00 Hei-TORQUE 400 Precision


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