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Nucleoshell -core-shell silica phases for HPLC



HPLC silica based on core shell technology

Demands on HPLC separations are constantly increasing with respect to separation efficiency and detection limits as well as concerning the time requirements for each analysis. Core-shell technology sets new standards for increasing efficiency in research and quality control.

Core-shell technology:

Solid core of silicon dioxide,
homogeneous shell of porous silica
Highest efficiency compared to traditional totally porous materials
Pore size 90 Å; particle size 2.7 µm (core 1.7 µm); specific surface 130 m2/g;
RP 18 and RP 18plus phases are also available with particle size 5 µm (core 3.8 µm); specific surface 90 m2/g → Lower back pressure also allows use on conventional LC systems
Pressure stability up to 600 bar


Benefits of core-shell technology

  • Rapid mass transfer (C term of the Van Deemter equation)
  • High flow velocity without peak broadening for fast LC
  • Narrow particle size distribution (d90/d10 ~ 1.1)
  • Stable packing
  • Column efficiency of NUCLEOSHELL ~ 250000/m (HETP ~ 4 µm)
  • Minimized fractional heat

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