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Quad-Z 215 -Liquid Handler with add. Dispos. Tips

Liquid Handler with add. Dispo Tips


Based on the robust design of the 215 Liquid Handler, the Quad-Z 215 features four independent probes with variable horizontal spacing from 9 to 18 mm for access to a wide range of sample vessels. Large bed capacity holds up to 17 microplates. Accommodates many of Gilson’s racks for maximum flexibility for sample transfer between tubes, vials and plates.

The addition of disposable tips to Gilson’s Quad-Z 215 Liquid Handler offers an important tool for molecular biology applications including DNA probes, PCR preparation, automated sample prep and electrophoresis. The disposable tips option increases throughput, efficiency and reproducibility, and lowers costs by automating manual pipetting procedures. Disposable tips also eliminate the problem of contamination from carryover and increase speed by eliminating wash steps. Accepts 10 µl, 200 µl and 1000 µl Gilson Diamond® Tips for a dispensing volume range of 1 to 1000 µl.

Using two 402s with the Quad-Z allows Independent syringe control for independent volume transfer across all four tips or needles at the same time. Syringe sizes available from 100 µl to 25 ml

Optional accessories for more automation
The Vacuum Rack provides a high-throughput solution for automating manual vacuum processes utilizing 96-well plates and could be incorporated for a complete liquid handling of solid phase extraction, filtration and protein precipitation.
The Orbital Shakeris placed on the bed of the Quad-Z 215 using the optional mounting plate kits.
Large dynamic shaking range (20-720 rpm) is generated by a single stepper motor.
Designed to accommodate one Code 200 series rack.
The 818 Mix an entire rack of samples with oscillating mixing. Typical applications include
mixing whole blood samples, mixing immiscible liquids and much more.
849 multiple injection modules is designed for parallel injection onto an HPLC or LCMS system

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